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Apply to a PhD program

You can be part of cutting-edge research in chemical biology and related fields as a Ph.D. student in several programs and departments at UW-Madison.

Are you an organic chemist interested in cellular mechanism? A biochemist interested in the fundamentals of molecular function? An inter-disciplinary student interested in quantitative biology? Below you will find programs and outstanding trainers that match your passion and talent.

Applicants to UW-Madison Ph.D. programs can apply to up to three programs within the same application.

The Chemistry PhD program involves over 50 labs and over 250 graduate students in state-of-the-art research, with strengths in all traditional and interfacial domains of the chemistry enterprise (from theory to analytical sciences to chemical synthesis and chemical biology). Over 20 of these labs are part of the Chemical Biology path to the Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Biochemistry (IPiB)
Home to around 100 graduate students and over 50 world-class faculty pursuing research in all areas of biochemistry, including cutting-edge interdisciplinary science right where the physical and biological disciplines merge.

A strong inter-disciplinary program, involving over 50 laboratories engaged in quantitative research and housed across over fourteen departments.